Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What to Pray For Today?

Its been several days since I’ve posted my prayer for our nation so I’ll be catching up on some things I need to pray for.  Of course I’ll be praying for our nations new administration and the new President and his team, the safety of our nation and its citizens, the prosperity of our nation and its citizens, the faith of our Christian believers across the nation and the salvation of the non-believers who live in darkness without hope of an eternity with God.

First, A Praise

An image of a nuclear blast
An image of a nuclear blast

Last night, my husband and I were watching a documentary on the 1980 incident at the Titan 2 silo site in Damascus, Arkansas.  I would have been in my late 20’s and he in his early 30’s.  I really can’t remember anything of the incident.  At that age, I was so focused on my activities and my coaching and sports, I paid no attention to news and watched very little TV.  After watching the documentary, I now realize how close Arkansas came to being eradicated completely by a nuclear explosion.  That would have been the end of us, all due to a simple tool dropping accident.

As I think on this, I am so thankful for a loving God that protected me and many, many others from an awful fate.  Our God is so good and so loving and so powerful, He is worthy of my praise and my worship.  As I continue to think on this, giving Him my praise, I also wonder what would God do now if another incident happened.  Our society has changed so much since the 1080’s and our new distain and ignorance toward the things of God is so prevalent in our society today.  I wonder if God will truly lift His hand of protection from our nation and allow such devastating incidents to actually happen.  In the documentary, it was stated that many, many close calls happen each year involving nuclear weapons.  We are so fortunate that up till now, God has not allowed a true disaster to occur in our country.  However, as more and more of our citizens refuse to acknowledge a living, loving, creator God; I wonder if that will change as God lifts His hand of protection from our nation.  A nation who in the past few years, has proven an enemy to God’s people of Israel and a support of nations who hate both Israel and the United States.

My Prayer

Dear Father God, I come to You today, thanking You and praising You for your hand of protection over myself, my family and my nation as You have protected us so many times from incidents like that of the Titan 2 accident in 1980.  I apologize that I was too ignorant at the time to recognize Your protection of my life and that of many, many others.  You are awesome and mighty Lord God and I worship You with all my heart, mind and body today.  May I be a living sacrifice to serve and honor You with the remainder of this earthly life of mine.

And dear Lord, I sincerely ask that You do not lift Your hand of protection and mercy from my country – the United States of America.  I ask Your forgiveness for the many sins of myself and others of our citizens and our leadership for our lack of reverence and esteem for You, our Creator.

I pray You will protect us from those who serve the evil one and would plan and commit terrorist acts both within and without our country’s borders.  Please bring each plot and each plotter to light and disrupt each horrible scheme to harm our citizens and our land.

Prayer for Our Nation’s Leaders

An image of the White House
An image of the White House

Lord, I again lift up our leadership and the ones who will be part of the new President’s administration.  I pray first for Donald Trump – I pray You will increase his faith in You and His knowledge of Your Word and create in him a great disciple who honors You in both word and deed.  I pray You will grant him great wisdom and judgement and will guide each of his actions as leader of our country.  I pray Donald trump will seek to know You better and to follow you wisely and in all areas of his life.  I pray for his protection and the protection of each member of his family and for each member of his administration and Cabinet.  I pray each position is filled only with those men and women You approve of.  I pray Donald Trumps leadership will reflect Your love and mercy as well as Your divine wisdom.  I know there are many complex issues which need solutions and only You can guide and inspire our leaders to choose the perfect solutions to solve our financial problems, workforce problems, racial problems and violence problems.  Lord, please place Your mighty hand in each of these issues and provide the best solution for our leaders to choose.

I pray that our very polarized congress and senate will come together and find agreeable compromises for the problems of our nation and its peoples.  I pray that these compromises will only bring glory and honor to you because You inspire Your children on each side to work together to heal and grow our nation.

I pray that our leaders will once again stand behind and beside your special people, the nation of Israel and that we will be their allies once again. And Lord, I pray You will give each ambassador and leader, the gift of just negotiation and the perfect words to speak for us on the international issues that arise.  I pray for safety for our armed forces and their families.  And Lord, I know that many of Your children, believers across the world are being persecuted and even martyred now.  I pray that these servants of the evil one who are doing this will be destroyed or will turn from their evil ways to acknowledge and worship You.

I pray that You will help the new administration and our leaders who follow You to truly “drain the swamp” of the corrupt people in our government and other high places.  Protect our children from the risk of human trafficking and save those who are currently enslaved in this way.  May each one be saved and returned to their loved ones.  And may all the glory and honor be given to You.

Prayer for Our Nations Journalists and Those in the News and Media

Last, Lord, I pray for those who are a part of and work for the news media and outlets all across our nation.  I pray You will send Your Holy Spirit to each one, convicting them of their sins and leading them to a belief and knowledge of You as their Creator and Savior.  I pray that a great revival will sweep across our land so that many, many who live in darkness without  Your love and the awesome hope You give, will become followers of Your precious son, Jesus, in whose name I pray.  amen


I request that you join me in praying the prayer above and ask that you share your own prayers in the comments.  Your comments and your own prayers are welcome. – Shirley

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