Thursday, December 29, 2016

Prayer Needed Today

An image of the Israeli flag
An image of the Israeli flag

As 2016 is fast coming to its end, I’m concerned about our nation and that the outgoing administration is rushing to seemingly obstruct the incoming administration in several important issues.  For one, the thought that the US refused to back our long time ally, Israel, in the United Nations resolution concerning the settlements is very disturbing.  The US has supported Israel since before the cold war and has had a mutually beneficial relationship.  However the current administration has made no secret of its contempt of the US/Israeli supportive relationship.  As for US Christians, it is important that our country support Israel because of the covenant relationship God has with the Israeli people.  God’s promises to Abraham are not yet totally fulfilled.  Israel is still special to God and should therefore also be special to us as believers.

So I do want to pray for our Nation to continue a supportive and  beneficial relationship with Israel.  Not doing so could put us in the category of siding with the enemies of God’s chosen people (He will still continue to bless His chosen ones  in accordance with His promises).

Another issue that I would like to pray about today is our role in caretaking the resources that God has given us.

We learn in Genesis 1:26-28 that God created man and woman in His image and gave them dominion over all the Earth. This included all the animals that God had created as well as the entire Earth. God also charged their descendants with the care for all the Earth (Gen. 1:28).

Even after the curse, God never withdrew this responsibility. We must care for the world that God has given to us.

The wonderful natural resources that are available to our nation is certainly a blessing from the Creator.  And as for myself, I do consider the welfare of people more important that that of an animal or a tree or a natural resource.  However, to be obedient and follow God’s direction to the first man and woman, we should be mindful of the natural blessings we have available.

Lastly, I want to pray for the inauguration of our President-Elect, Donald Trump and his new cabinet and administration.

My Prayer

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

He was in the beginning with God.
All things came into being through Him,
and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.

-John 1:1-3

Dear Lord, I come to You today, praising you for the season of celebration we have just completed that commemorates the birth of Your Son Jesus as a man child.   You tell us that Your Word literally put on flesh and became human like each of us and voluntarily surrendered the highest of places to come and provide us with a way to be redeemed from our fallen state.

The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us  We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son,  from the Father, full of grace and truth” – John 1:14

We certainly do not deserve the honor and grace You offer to us through Your Son and His sacrifice. Who are we that You would create this wonderful plan and bring it to completion for sinners such as we are.

“What is man, that You are mindful of him, or the son of man, that You care for him?  You made him a little lower than the angels; You crowned him with glory and honor and placed everything under his feet.” – Hebrews 2:7

God when you subjected all things to Jesus, You left nothing outside of His control. Even though we do not see everything under His control as yet, we know that will come to pass for You have said it.

O Lord God, we offer you our most sincere gratitude for giving us this most precious of gifts – the gift of Your only Son, Jesus who was with You in the beginning and

God I again lift my nation up to you, asking for Your forgiveness where our leaders did not support Your chosen people.  I pray for Your continued blessings and protection on the nation of Israel.  Maybe Your might hand of power be over each citizen and their land, protecting it from attack from its enemies.  May no weapon forged against them succeed.  Lord, please grant Your wisdom to President-elect Donald Trump and his administration to make wise and just decisions in our nations relationships with Israel and other nations in the world.

I pray Donald Trump will seek Your guidance and bow to Your Word and Your will in guiding our nation while he is in office.  May You surround him with wise and skilled men and women who can provide good advice and information to him.  May You give Your light to our military and intelligence workers so that information provided to President Trump is accurate and complete.

An image of a marching band
An image of a marching band

And Lord, I pray that any evil scheme or plot to disrupt the inauguration and the transition of administrations be brought to light and disrupted.  Lord, I especially pray that any protest plans will be confused and fall asunder and fail to disrupt the ceremonies that day.

I pray for the safety of President Trump, VP Mike Pence and their families and for each appointee in the new administrations cabinet.  I pray for the safety of the citizens of our nation and for its infrastructure and its assets.  May Your mighty servants have victory in their unseen battles.

An image of earth with people holding hands
An image of earth with people holding hands

Lord, finally I pray that You place in the hearts of our leaders and President Trump and his administration, an appreciation for the wondrous gift of the natural resources You have blessed us with.  I pray You gift our leaders with wisdom to be good stewards of that which You have given us.

Lord, I ask that You forgive me my many sins and failures in following You and strengthen my faith and make me a better servant of Yours.  I pray all these things in the name of Your son and my Savior, Jesus.  Amen.


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