Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prayer for Today

This has been the Thanksgiving weekend and while I’ve thought a lot about what I have to be thankful for, I’m now ready to type out my prayers.  My daughter and her family has been  visiting and of course I’m feeling very thankful  for she and her husband and my little grandsons.  They have certainly made mine and Mel’s lives busier and more exciting the past few days. Its also been a bittersweet time together as it will be three years before we get to spend another Thanksgiving with them.  They will be on the mission field starting early next year and gone for at least two years doing Bible Translation work among those who have no Bible in their heart language.

A few weeks ago, my son-in-law jokingly posted that he would be leaving the country no matter who was elected President of the US.  Of course he was telling the truth, as they will all be living thousands of miles away from us while on the mission field.  But even while living outside the U.S. he will be praying for our nation and its leaders.  This will always be the country where he grew up and his family and many friends live in.

And I will be putting Papua New Guinea and its villagers on my prayer list for 2017.


an image of a security officer
An image of a security officer

As 2016 comes to a close and I think forward to 2017 and beyond, one specific prayer comes to my mind quickly.  That is prayers for our policemen and women all over this nation.  This has been an awful year to be in law enforcement, especially within a police force.

“As of  last Wednesday, 60 police officers have been shot and killed this year, according to the nonprofit National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. That’s more than a 67 percent increase over this time last year.”

The article above also says the horror is multiplied because officers have been intentionally targeted and murdered execution-style.  This is so hard to think about and surely the families of these officers and others have suffered horribly because of these evil acts, while so many other police families live in fear that their own officer risks his/or her live every day.

Lord, this morning, I come to You early, to life up my concerns over the murder and targeting of so many of our policemen and women.  Lord I know none of this is a surprise to You and You know each officer who has been killed intimately and the fears and grief of their families.  Lord I ask that You be with each of these families, surrounding them with Your presence and Your love so that they will not feel so alone.  I pray You will provide for the physical means of each grieving family member, whether wife, husband, parent or child.  I especially pray for those children who have lost a daddy or a mommy, that You will send Your people to be role models and friends to those young ones who have lost a parent.

I also ask that Your Holy Spirit will be with each of Your children who serve as police officers throughout this land, gifting them with wisdom and sensitivity toward the people they serve and protect.  I pray You will place a love for others in each heart and a courage to boldly stand up for the laws of our land and the protection of innocent civilians.

I pray for our nation’s leaders to support our many police men and women and encourage the rule of law, which makes our country so great and equalizes one citizen with the others.  I pray for our Leaders to be wise and righteous ones toward our law enforcement and toward those who come against them.  I pray that You will shine Your light on the evil ones who like to hide in dark places to scheme and plot evil deeds against our police men and women.  I pray that no plot or deed will be successful and that these evil ones will be caught and stopped before harm can be done.

And Lord, I pray for those in Law enforcement who do not acknowledge You for who You are, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I pray Your Holy Spirit will be working in each heart to show them of Your love and that of Your son Jesus and his sacrifice to allow reconciliation with You, O God.

I pray for the safety of officer’s homes and families and possessions as well as their lives.  I pray You will provide for all their physical needs and their spiritual needs too.

I pray Lord that Your children across this nation will be convicted to pray for and lift up the names of policemen and women in their communities to You and that You will hear those prayers and respond with Your great power and mercy.

Lord, I pray all these things in the name of Your Son and my
Savior, Jesus.  Amen.



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