Sunday, November 13, 2016

For those who live without the Light

Today I have to pray for certain things as it is a very special day in the life of my family.  Today, my only daughter and my son-in-law will be commissioned to go to the mission field.  This is a dream of my daughter’s since her Junior High years and her husband shares that dream with her.  They have worked very hard to reach this point.  It has been over a two-year process in training and gathering the support they require to serve as Wycliffe Bible Translators in Pappua New Guinea.  They will be serving a tribe who has been begging for a translator for some time now.  These people desire the Bible in their own heart language and have been waiting a long time.

We, here in the US are so lucky that we have Bibles in our language and even many translations available to us.   Yet still we tend to ignore God’s Word to us.

Lord, today I pray for those in our nation who ignore Your Word and what it means to them.  It is through Your Word Lord that we learn who You are, how mighty You are, how righteous You are, how merciful You are, and how faithful You are.  Lord, it is through Your Word, we learn how sinful we are and how short we fall in coming close to Your glory.  We also learn of Your awesome plan to reconcile with us through Your son Jesus, who died to pay for all of our sins on the horrible cross. We learn how through Jesus, the sting of death is defeated and how we can become heirs with Him to Your kingdom.  Your Word tells us that we have hope for an eternity with You in glorious Light instead of eternity in darkness away from You.

Lord I pray today that men, women and children all across this nation will be drawn to read Your precious Word and learn all this about You and will seek the salvation You offer.  I pray for a great revival of Your people from coast to coast, from mountain to sea, from rich to poor and from people of all colors and backgrounds.  I pray Your Holy Spirit will be reaching out to each lost heart and each backsliden heart to repent and turn to You for guidance and for wisdom and for a purpose for their lives.  I pray that You will grant them peace such as only You can give, not as the world understands but as only You can provide us.

Lord, forgive me my many sins and teach me this day to love and seek Your Word more myself.  I pray in Jesus name.  Amen



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