Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald the businessman

Today I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my life.  The state of our nation has been on the back of my mind.  I love it, because I can now be more relaxed since I once again have hope for the future.  Mr. Trump and his team continue to work on their plans and I’m hearing and reading some interesting things.  I do believe that we are beginning to see Donald Trump the businessman, hard working and ready to work with others.  I also think that Mike Pence and Ben Carson’s influence are showing with their calmer approaches.  I know many are still angry across the nation, but I hope they will give the Donald and his team a chance instead of staying ballistic about this new administration.  I pray the violence and those egging it on and paying these protesters completely stop.

Lord God, I sit here again before You in amazement.  You are wonderful, wise, ever-faithful and great in Your love for us.  Praise Your name and that of Your son Jesus who paid the ultimate price to cover our sins.

Father God, I lift my country to You this day, asking for Your forgiveness for our many sins and falling away from You during my lifetime.  Lord, I know we have allowed Your Word and much of our traditional actions honoring You to be removed from our schools and businesses and even our federal buildings.  Yet You have never changed, You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I ask Your forgiveness for my nation’s actions in dishonoring You.

I dare to ask You to bless us again with Your hand of protection and Your Holy Spirit of Power flowing throughout our land.  I also ask that You show our President-elect, Mr. Trump and his team how to make our country prosperous again.  I pray that You will convict Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Ben Carson and each of the others who surround Mr. Trump that they must pray and seek Your will and Your direction in all their plans for their upcoming terms of office. I pray they will each listen and act upon Your guidance to them.

I pray You will guide them to the perfect selection for each cabinet position and each of the other appointed positions they need to choose.  I pray that the final men and women chosen for these positions will reflect Your perfect wisdom and guidance and will astonish the unbelievers across this land.

I pray for Ben Carson and Donald and others who are working on a solution to our very messed up health care problem.  I also pray that You will give them a solution that once again amazes each of us that wonder if there is a good solution.  I pray especially that You will show them how to provide medical care for the many wounded warriors throughout our land.  Please Lord, show us Your wisdom and Your perfect solution for this problem in our society.

Lord, I was reading that Mr. Trump has begun to reach out to the leaders of other nations, like the President of the Philippines and others.  I pray that as he does this, that You will prepare the hearts of those leaders to become willing and ready to work with this new administration for the betterment of both our and their own countries.  I pray You will provide guidance to our leaders who will represent us with the worldly nations so that once again we will receive respect and honor from them.

I pray for Your intervention and Your hands of power to place a protective shield of Your mighty warriors all across our land, protecting our citizens from evil acts of destruction and violence from those who serve the enemy – that one who loves darkness.  I pray You will help our law enforcement be able to find and arrest foreigners on our soil who want to kill and main our citizens, especially our children.  I pray You will help bring them to justice.

I pray for Your protection on Mr. Trump and his family and that each of them will be drawn to You and to the wonder of the Words You have given us in Your Holy Book – the Bible.  Place a yearning in each heart to read and know more of what You say to us in Your Word.

Lord, I thank You for saving me and giving me a way to reconcile with You so that one day I can be with my Savior Jesus and live in Your eternity.  Please forgive me my sins and wrong thoughts and work in me to make me more and more like Your son every day.  I pray all these things in Jesus name.  Amen.


Your comments and your own prayers are welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday, November 12, 2016”

  1. You might wanna just scrap your other sites and focus like a lazer r beam on Jesus and his word and this blog. You have a great way with words talking about god. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you Anthony, that is very encouraging. Today my heart breaks for what I will pray for today. Last night I was allowed to see video from a human trafficking ring here in the US and I can’t explain how my spirit was moved to pray against this evil in our land. Its things like this that makes me think we should be praying many hours of our day for our nation and our world. I can’t imagine what Jesus must feel when He sees this evil we allow to flourish in our land. I pray you have a blessed day and that Your spirit too is moved to pray today. – Shirley

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