Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I invite you to join me in prayer

Lord, today I am in awe of Your power and Your might and most assuredly Your mercy. I thank You for answered prayers and for Your protection over our candidates and our nation during this time. I worship You and praise Your name this day. Only You are God and You are the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. You love us all the time and I thank You for that.

Lord, I want lift up our nation again to You and our new president, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence. I pray that You will protect them and send Your Holy Spirit to guide and direct them on each step and each decision they make in preparing to serve our country in the top offices of our land. I pray You will bestow on them Your divine wisdom and love and mercy for all of the people of this land. Our land needs so much healing and many things are broken which need to be fixed in ways only You can accomplish correctly. I ask You to help each government official that the new President and Vice President and team will be working with to make wise choices and plans to transition to a new administration. I pray for much cooperation and forgiveness between the workers in both the old and new administrations. I pray You will guide in the appointments into top positions. That Your will be done in each choice.

I pray for the people of our land who woke up today disgruntled and unhappy with the results of the election. I pray You will send Your Holy Spirit to convict them of Your love and Your concern for them and for each aspect of their lives. I pray that if they do not know You as Lord and Jesus as their savior, that they will be led to learn more, seek answers to questions and to accept You. I pray You will bring Your children into their lives who will be able to explain Your Word and your love to each of them.

I pray for our relationships with other nations in this world, that Donald Trump and the new administration will be able to stand strong and bold for our country and yet show that ours is a nation who cares for the oppressed and those enduring persecution. I pray for peace in our land between the old and new administrations, the different races of people, the different political parties, the law enforcement and those who fear them, and the different social and economic classes.
Please be with the Obama administration during these last days and protect them from harm and send Your Holy Spirit with the conviction and courage to love our nation so much, they will work with the incoming administration and Donald Trump for the good for all in our nation.

I pray for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family. I pray that You will show them that they are loved by You and that You can forgive all sins that they repent of and offer them a place in Your eternity as one of Your children. I pray You will break all ties that bind them to the evil one and let them know they can be set free. I pray this for all persons I our high places who have fallen into the traps of the evil one.

Lord, I pray for Your blessings on our nation; Your protection on our people; Your forgiveness for our sins; and Your salvation for thousands of our citizens. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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