Monday, December 5, 2016

Prayer for today

I’ve been reading news and thinking about the new administration for our country that is being put together by Donald Trump’s team.  There are several people he has selected that I’m pretty happy with, Ben Carson for one.  But there are others I really do not know much about and I’m concerned about the Secretary of State cabinet position that has yet to be filled.  I know that I should be praying about this pick and others that have already been selected and some not selected yet.

I’ve also been feeling sorry for Hillary Clinton after reading how broken she is appearing to her staffers, so I want to pray for her again.

If you agree, please join me in praying today for these things.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, I come today to you once again, lifting up our President elect, Donald Trump and his team as they select those he would place in cabinet positions for our nation.  Each of these are important positions and crucial for our country.  Lord I pray for those he has already selected:

  • Defense Secretary – retired Marine Gen. James Mattis
  • Attorney General – Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions
  • Education Secretary – Betsy DeVos
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services – Georgia Rep. Tom Price
  • Transportation Secretary – Elaine Chao
  • Treasury Secretary – Steven Mnuchin
  • Commerce Secretary – Wilbur Ross
  • Secretary for Housing and Urban Development (looks like Ben Carson for this one)

Lord I lift each of these men and women up to You, asking that you gift them with wisdom and discernment to be able to serve our country well in each of these positions.  I pray for their safety and that of their families.  I pray that each man and woman knows You as Lord of their lives and that You will strengthen their faith and give them boldness to stand for Your precepts in their lives and in their new positions.  I pray You give them with words that are both wise and reasonable as they perform their duties now and in the future.

The following appointees are still yet to be picked:

  • Secretary for Interior
  • Secretary for Agriculture
  • Secretary for Labor
  • Secretary for Energy
  • Secretary for Veterans Affairs
  • Secretary for Homeland Security
  • Secretary of  State

Lord, I also come to You lifting up those who are being considered for each of these cabinet positions.  I pray You will guide Donald and his team toward the perfect choices in each position; that they will choose men and women who love and follow You and that have the skills and temperaments to perform each duty in ways that will help our nation and be within Your perfect will Oh Lord.  I pray that the liberal media will find it hard to cry out against each person chosen, because these men and women are upright and honest in their dealings.  I pray that the republican and conservative members of Congress will support Donald Trump and his team in each selection You guide them to make for these positions.

Prayer for Hillary Clinton

Father God, I also come before You today, lifting up your creation, Hillary Clinton.  Lord, you know my heart toward this women, that I believe she had done great wrongs and spoken great lies to our nation; however I also know that You love her just as much as You love me, so I lift her up to You, asking that You send Your Holy Spirit to her, to convict her of her sins and reminding her that You offer her salvation and reconciliation with You through Your son Jesus.  I pray You will place in her a great desire for the peace and healing only You can give her. I pray for her family, Bill Clinton and Chelsea also, that Your Spirit will be working in their hearts also, drawing them to You and Your Son, Jesus.

And Lord, I pray that she and her family will be so miserable and tired, that they will realize that only You are the answer for them.  I pray each one will desire to know more of You and Your Word.  I pray that they will see Your people, Your Word, and Your Church, wherever they go and that You will constantly bring them into contact with You through Your people and Your institutions.

And Lord, if Hillary and her family are beyond redemption and serve the adversary, I pray You will give her over to him and that You will see that their evil deeds are exposed and that they are punished.  Also I pray for those in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies who our working on these cases, that You protect they and their families from harm and help them bring to light the evil deeds and doers with our leadership so that they can be stopped and punished.


Lord, lastly I pray again for a great revival in our land.  I pray that Your Holy Spirit will sweep across this country, strengthening Your children and Your Church and giving us boldness and conviction to follow You in all that we do in our lives.  I pray that Christians all over our nation will begin reading and studying Your Word and falling on their knees to lift up each worry and care to You and to worship You as You deserve.  I pray You will put the correct words in our mouths to proclaim You and to tell the Good News of Jesus your Son and His sacrifice to all those around us.  I pray for protection over Your children here in our nation.  Please protect Your children from plans of the evil one to harm them and their possessions.  I pray that no evil plan or scheme prosper and each will be brought to light and stopped.  I pray that You will encourage others across this land to repent of their sins, turn to You and pray as I do for our nation.  I pray that as You promised, You will hear our prayers, forgive us our sins and heal our land.

I pray all these things Lord in the name of Jesus, Your Son and my Savior.  Amen.


Your comments and your own prayers are welcome.


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